Our Purpose

     To enable a wide audience to participate in and enjoy the Museum’s work, enabling every individual to gain an understanding of rural life in Cambridgeshire.

    To provide visitors to Denny Abbey and those participating in the Museum’s outreach work with a sense of change, while evoking an equally strong sense of stability and continuity with the past, which helps in the development of an individual’s sense of self-worth, place and community.

Our purpose, here at the Farmland Museum & Denny Abbey is to share the stories, tales and history of our site, and the people who lived and worked here, through our exhibits, objects and artefacts.

The Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey retells an 850-year story of farming, communities and life in the Cambridgeshire Fens. It provides a place which enables visitors to explore Cambridgeshire’s rural history and locality, as well as inspiring their imagination, learning and creativity.

The site consists of two halves: the Farmland Museum, a collection of farm buildings housing an extensive collection of exhibits, displays and objects, and Denny Abbey, a unique Grade 1 listed building and medieval monastic development owned by English Heritage (managed by the Farmland Museum, on English Heritage’s behalf).

Together, the site offers a family-friendly experience, blending a mixture of history, learning, activities and engagement. In summary, the perfect day out for the whole family!